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Trust your style, trust your way – Jewels My Way


"First you have to know who you are and then you can adorn yourself accordingly"

Epiktitos (Ancient Greek philosopher)

Jewels my way is addressed to women who know who they are and what they want. Women who do not follow the fashion, but they create fashion themselves according to their personal style.
Jewels my way creates unique handmade jewels for these women, using various materials such as: semi-precious stones, silver, polymer clay, liquid glass, yarns, leathers, wires, brass elements, combining different techniques in "my way".
My goal is my own "my way" to be transformed into your own "my way", wearing one of the jewelry of my collection. I'm sure that the necklace or the bracelet, the earrings or the ring you will choose it will capture your way of showing and emphasizing the sense of style that you have by birth.

Jewelry designer

Dimitra Haratsi